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Principle Investigator

Meltem Elitaş

PhD in Bioengineering and Biotechnology

MSc. in Mechatronics

BSc. in Electrical Engineering

Detailed Biography

Meltem Elitas is a faculty member at Sabanci University since December 1st, 2014. She did her postdoctoral research in the Bioengineering Department at Yale University, Connecticut, US. She was working with Prof. Rong Fan’s research group, developing microfluidic artificial tumor microenvironment assays to study cancer heterogeneity and cancer-immuno interaction. She received her Ph.D. degree in Bioengineering and Biotechnology from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland in 2012 where she worked with Prof. John McKinney, Prof. Sebastian Maerkl, and Prof. Philippe Renaud on understanding mycobacterium persistence at single cell level using microfabricated tools. She received her M.S. degree in Mechatronics Engineering from Sabanci University, Istanbul, in 2007 where she worked with Prof. Asif Sabanovic’s research group studying function based control. Her B.Sc. is in Electrical Engineering from Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, in 2005. Meanwhile she studied Mathematical Engineering as a double major. Her research interests are phenotypic heterogeneity in cancer and infectious disease, single-cell microfluidic technologies, real-time drug responses, live cell imaging, MEMS and Control Systems Design.

Graduate Students

Andisheh Choupani

Research Area: Mechatronics, Mechanics

Graduate Thesis Students

İhsan Kaan Özgün

Research Area: Mechatronics, Surgical Robotics

Mert Ekici

Research Area: Mechatronics

Ömer Faruk Şen

Research Area: Electronics

Sude Nur Cüre

Research Area: Cancer Biology, MEMS

Undergraduate Research Students

Elifnur Zengin

Research Area: Surgical robotics, AI, Machine learning

Ghazaleh Kheirandish

Research Area: Biology, Microfluidics

Taha Bayındır

Research Area: Electronics, IoT

Yasar Ateş

Research Area: Mechatronics, Agriculture